Sunday, November 6, 2016

Strong wind warning

The weather forecast showed that there would be a couple of days of strong winds in the next few days - in excess of 40 knots, possibly up to 60 knots - so we decided that it would be a good time to head into Vuda Point marina and secure a slip and stay there until checking out of Fiji. The marina would also allow us to provision before our departure for Vanuatu.

Vuda Point marina
The marina is a bit of an odd arrangement in so much as the entrance to the marina is a narrow cutting through the coral reef and can be shallow during extreme low tides. Once inside the marina it is circular in shape with no fingers or piers. You head in bow first to the wall and stern tie to some sunken lines with the aid of one of the marina staff. You end up squeezed in between other boats and the only way off the boat is to clamber over the pulpit of you boat. not that easy for the ladies wearing dresses or skirts. But the marina had a shower, not the best, and a restaurant with a good happy hour and reasonable food. The staff are excellent and willing to help with any requirements. They have a fuel dock, customs office

Hurricane pits in Vuda Point marina
and a work yard for any repairs and even have hurricane pits if you wish to leave your boat there over cyclone season.

A friendly taxi driver adopted us and for a very reasonable fee drove us around town to reprovision and take us to some of the local sights.
Vuda Point marina map
As predicted the winds did pick up and we saw gusts to 45 knots and heavy rain. We were lucky enough to be in a good position in the marina so most of the wind was high above the cabin top so we hardly moved. Some other were not so lucky and we being knocked around like billiard balls.

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