Saturday, October 15, 2016

Islands of the Yasawa group, Fiji, continued.

…….And we did stay longer, 5 days in fact we stayed in Yasawa bay 4 of which we had this wonderful place to ourselves to swim, walk and explore the bay.

Reluctantly we decided to move on from this very relaxing and beautiful place so we headed south a short distance to Nabukeru Bay, still on Yasawa island. Again we had the anchorage to ourselves selecting an anchor site not listed in any of the guide books but in our humble opinion better than those listed, mainly because it provided better protection from the SE winds and was much closer to a lovely beach. 

Able's catch
The three of us piled into the dinghy to go and explore a number of long white sandy beaches, one of which we met up with a local Fijian man called Able who was spearfishing for his supper. We spent some time chatting to Able, whose English was excellent, and took him in our dingy to a few of his favorite spearfishing grounds where he caught a wide variety of fish, many of which were beautifully coloured, almost too good to eat.

We had a one night stop in Somosomo bay before moving on again as it was time to move as the weather forecast was predicting the development of a deep low pressure system that would bring strong winds and heavy rain to Fiji and we would prefer to be in a marina for the predicted winds of 40+ knots so we headed further south to a small island called Navandra, not the most protected anchorage I have been to and it was a bit swelly but it was beautiful. When we arrived a mega yacht called Senses was just leaving the anchorage and we looked up its name, its apparently owned by Larry Page, founder of Google, a lovely boat with all the toys including a helicopter.

MV Senses. Navandra Isand. Fiji

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