Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bahia San Francisco - Isla San Francisco

Bahia San Francisco
On our way to Isla San Francisco we stopped off at the small rocky islets of Les Isolotes where we hoped to swim with the sea lions, touted as one of the great experiences of the southern Sea of Cortez but when we arrived there the waters were thick with small stinging jelly fish so slightly disappointed we departed for Isla San Francisco. The winds were favourable for a close hauled course in 7-10 knots of wind to our next destination.

Bahia San Francisco is one of the picture postcard anchorages used to tempt tourists to the sea of Cortez with its crescent shaped bay, clear waters and long white, fine sandy beach and good hiking. Again this is an anchorage where we would spend a few days. We hiked up the ridge back to get a better view of the island, walked along the pebble beach collecting sea-worn agates and admiring more amazing geological formations that seem to abound the sea of Cortez.

One of the other boats in the anchorage was Chantey; a British registered Ketch with Ivan and Jane on board. We invited them over for drinks and eagerly listened to their stories – more wonderful people with rich lives.

Whilst In La Paz Katya met a marine biologist who was performing a study of various sea turtles. The lady saw that Katya was drawing and was impressed with what she was doing. One thing led to another and soon enough Katya gained a commission to draw five types of sea turtles which would become part of a document provided to cruisers to identify and report the different types of turtles found in the sea of Cortez. Katya has been working on the drawings and hopes to be able to send them when we have a good internet connection – whenever that might be.                        

Amazing rock formations

Ivan and Jane's Chanty

Collection of agates and shells

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  1. What a stunning place -- wow!

    Katya is such an incredible artist; what an interesting opportunity for her contribute her work to document for cruisers! Really, really awesome!