Thursday, June 4, 2015

Puerto Los Gatos

We departed Bahia Los Angeles and stopped off at a beach on the northern side of the island which had been touted as a good place to find shells, which turned out to be a bit false. Maybe once but as we know if it’s in the guide book everybody knows. Either way we had a nice walk and a cooling swim before we set off for Los Gatos our next overnight anchorage. Again the wind was favourable and we sailed up through the channel between the Baja and the island of San Jose. We went into San Everisto but it did not look like a place we wanted to stay at – we wanted isolation so we carried on towards Los Gatos. The winds lightened and we dropped the sails as our boat speed fell below 2 knots – our new low speed limit for motoring – as luck would have it the winds picked up once we came out of the channel and we had 10 knots on the beam and were soon making over 7 knots through the water in flat waters. Marvelous!

There was one other boat in the northern anchorage of Los Gatos so we opted for seclusion and took the southern anchorage and went ashore to explore one of the beaches.

The next day we took George to another beach and snorkeled on the large reef seeing a good selection of tropical fish. Later Katya explored on one of the other beaches and came back very excited having found a number of geodes with crystals inside. Katya and I spent the next few hours scouring the beach for good examples worthy of taking back to the boat.

In the late afternoon we were approached by a local fisherman trying to sell us fish and we ended up buying 4 lobsters from him for the bargain price of $15 or £10 which we cooked on the BBQ with garlic butter and accompanied with a nice salad. Delicious!

Los Gatos is yet another beautiful anchorage with impressive geological formations: rich coloured sandstones highlighted at dawn and dusk, high peaked mountains void of vegetation showing their striated formations – a geologists dream I would imagine.

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