Friday, August 30, 2013

Red Bluff Bay to Warm springs 21 miles

I can say that we ready for another hot springs experience and warm springs certainly fits the bill. Jude, Katya and I had spent 4 days here earlier in the trip. It was quiet then as it was early in the season and we had the place to ourselves for a few days. It would be different now. High season and the fishing fleet was out including the seine net boats. Sure enough as we approached the dock we could see that it was full. We hovered about and found that one of the charter boats was going to be leaving so we dropped the hook in deep water and waited for their departure.
8-9th July Warm springs.
We spent the next two days enjoying the warm springs, hot baths, meeting different people on the dock and of course it was Steve’s birthday! This would be the second year he had his birthday on the boat. We celebrated with drinks and songs. Ben had written a song for him and so had Jude and I. Steve was presented with a rabbit fur jock-strap from Ben and Amber, which Steve modeled like a pro.

We met the crew of a fishing boat who were tied up at the dock. One of them had spotted the Aussie flag and came by to see us, being an Aussie himself. He was a very interesting chap and had many tales to tell. He had rowed a 22ft boat all the way from Seattle to Juneau, a distance of 1,000 miles. Been a boxer and is now a writer.

Steve's birthday night

What a model

Pizza night onboard

Its art, or so we are told

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