Friday, August 30, 2013

6th July. Gut Bay to Red Bluff bay. 16 miles

I awoke early and decided to check out a grizzly bear that I had seen wondering up the river bank. By the time I launched the kayak and paddled over the bear had vanished in the thick undergrowth. I paddled up the river as far as I could go hoping to see some salmon that the skiff in the night had been fishing for. No fish though. I continued on to have a look at the mysterious rock. To my amazement it turned out not to be a rock but a densely packed congregation (what is the collective noun?) of jelly fish. Amazing.
 We had a short trip to Red bluff bay, again in sunshine and dropped our two prawn traps in the water which we would collect when we depart. 

 There were no other boats in the bay so we had the choice of anchor spots and chose the small sheltered cove in the north east. No sooner than we had dropped the anchor two grizzly bears, premumably the same bears we had named Boris and Natasha, appeared on the shore close to our boat. We sat and watched them as they turned rocks over along the shoreline. Another boat came in to the anchorage and dropped anchor very close to the bears, the owners oblivious to the animals. This was the best opportunity to take photos of bears as we were so close. I think I took 172 photos. Thanks goodness for digital cameras. Jude and Amber went for a kayak and Steve and Sandy played cards.

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