Friday, August 30, 2013

10th July. Warm Springs to Gedney Harbour 51 miles.

Sunset over Baranof Island on Chatham Strait

Gedney Harbour was supposed to be a relatively busy anchorage on Kuiu island during the fishing season but when we arrived there was nobody else there.
We had departed at 11am and stopped to fish along the way, first just outside warm springs bay where Sandy caught 2 salmon and then later just outside the entrance to Gedney harbor where I caught two more salmon and an 17lb Red snapper, AKA yellow eyed rockfish. Ben also caught a number of good sized rock fish. As we fished we could hear a group of whales blowing and even heard a whale growl. I am not sure if that is the correct term, probably not. We could have asked Freddie from the whale conservation cabin in Warm springs.  We could have carried on fishing but it was starting to get dark so we carried on to the anchorage.

17lb Red Snapper

Jude making Salmon caviar

Gedney Harbour

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