Friday, August 30, 2013

11th July. Gedney Harbour to Egg harbor 31 miles.

This passage promised to be a day of good sailing, heading down Chatham strait and across to Coronation island. The forecast was for 15-20 knots from the north which would give us a nice following wind and sea. We motor sailed for a while before the winds picked up as we approached the souther tip of Kuiu island and Baranoff on the other side of Chataham strait. We raised the sails and the wind picked up from the west. 15, kts, 20kts, 25kts and gusting to 30. The seas built, the sails were reefed and we sped along. The seas increased as we went out of Chatham strait and the seas were about 7-10feet but quite confused as the water from Chatham meets the sea.

We dropped the anchor in 30 feet of water in Egg harbor which felt quite remote being a small island off the southern tip of Kuiu island. We went ashore and explored the lovely beach and forests of the island (no bears on the island) and then explored the numerous caves which were fascinating.

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