Friday, August 30, 2013

Egg harbor to Dry Passage 39 miles.

Egg harbor to Dry Passage 39 miles.
Rounding Cape Decision under sail

Down wind sailing

El Capitan Passage

A pod of Orcas were hunting at the mouth of Egg harbor as we exited for our journey past Cape decision (where Captain Vancouver decided to turn around) and through decision. This pass has a reputation for being a bit wild at times so we had timed it for slack water and the crossing was benign. We sailed most of the way across Chatham sound and entered El Capitan Passage having tried catch another halibut, but without success. El Capitan passage is a narrow and shallow dredged channel leading from Sumner strait to the interior of Prince of Wales island and out to Sea Otter sound further south on the island. As we transited the channel we could see the bottom as we had about 6 feet of water under the keel. We anchored in a small bight on the periphery of the channel and swung with the tide racing through the channel.

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