Friday, August 30, 2013

13th July Dry Passage to Sarheen Cove 11 miles

One of the reasons we came through El Capitan passage was that it provided access to the El Capitan cave system. Reported to be some of the most extensive cave systems in North America. We motored a few miles to the park service dock, dropped anchor off the dock (we were too large). Steve and Sandy kindly stayed onboard whilst the rest of us went ashore. Surprisingly there is a small forest service cabin a short distance from the caves where they conduct small group tours (no more than 12) three times a day. We waited for a returning tour group and played charades. The cave system is up a flight of 370 steps, the rangers giving an enlightening lecture on surroundings as they went.  We spent about 1 hour in the caves and found it very enjoyable. 

Drinking from the Devils Cup

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