Friday, August 30, 2013

1st July. Sitka to Goddard Hot Springs. 18 miles

We filled up with diesel before we headed out into the Pacific waters. The wind was blowing 15-20 from the north which looked promising for a downwind sail. Our Wind instrument was out of order. A Bald eagle had landed on the top of the mast and knocked off the wind vane. Luckily the missing part landed on deck and I would have to go up the mast to re attach it, but not until we go away from the eagles. The waters were a little lumpy and we saw a few fishing boats plying these salmon rich waters. We decided to anchor in the more protected Kliuchevoi Bay which although more protected has a tricky entrance. We entered the bay, dropped the hook in 30 feet of water and prepared to go ashore for the hot springs. Steve and Sandy took the Kayaks to the springs and the rest of us piled into the dingy and rowed ashore and then along the ½ mile trail to the hot springs. There are two wooden cabins with hot spring baths, one up the hill and one near the shore. The upper one was hotter than the lower one due to the tap being turned off. There was also an open pool with a sunken bath further up the trail. We waited for a couple to leave the upper cabin and then we went in. Katya and I went in the lower spring whilst it warmed up. The view from the cabins over the bay is spectacular. I walked back along the trail to check the dinghy and Steve and Sandy kayaked back to Sarita. Unfortunately Sandy slipped in the water as she was getting out of the Kayak and got a bit of a soaking. All OK though. I could hear Steve cursing as she went in.

2nd  3rd July. Godard Hot springs
We decided that the springs were too good to leave and decided to stay another two days for more soaking and exploring. I lost count of how many times I went to the hot tubs. How fantastic and relaxing they are, sitting there in sun or rain watch the world go by whilst having a soak in the mineral rich waters. We are all convinced that they do have a positive effect on the body. 

I went exploring in the Kayak to Crane cove. Saw some deer and stopped off on an unnamed island where I found a ¾ full bottle of Texan Vodka, the same brand as we had drunk with Josh and Natasha on their boat. Not only that but I found a set of car keys, a iPOD, in a rather drowned state, a pen knife and six  .306 shells, all lying together just on the high water mark. A mystery……

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