Friday, August 30, 2013

4th July. Independence day. Goddard Hot Springs to Toledo Harbor. 72 Miles

Cape Ommney
Our plan was to travel down the west coast of Baranof island, in the Pacific ocean to Puffin bay. The forecast was for 15-20kts from the north which would push us down. When we left the winds were light and the swell was around 4-5 feet and unfortunately the winds did not pick up but the swell did. We tried fishing and I lost my rod overboard. Silly for not tying it down whilst I left it. The journey was a bit uncomfortable and we were all looking forward to dropping the hook in Puffin bay. As we approached Puffin Bay a large Ketch was coming out, rising and falling in the high swell. The winds whistled down the inlet and at the head of the bay we saw white caps, willywars. Suddenly we were blasted by 40 knot winds. Perhaps this is why the ketch left. At the head of the inlet is a Evergreen cove, which is supposed to be sheltered. We entered and dropped the hook but we were swinging wildly and there was not that much swing room. Do we stay and risk an unsettled night or go back out and round the east coast of the island. We decided to carry on. So we continued on our way. The winds picked up as we neared Cape Ommaney marking the southern point of Baranof Island and as we rounded the island they were blowing at 30 knots but coming on the beam. So it was with pleases that we raised the sails which hardened the ride and had a wonderful sail. I was smiling at least. As we rounded the cape the seas died along with the wind to around 15 knots but still on the beam, the sun was shining. Oh this was fun. We were ripping along. 1 hour ago I was ready to drop the hook and get in my bunk, but now I wanted to sail until it got dark. Perfect sailing conditions. We decided to skip Port Alexander and head for a very small cove called Toledo Harbor. Toledo harbor is almost circular with a very narrow entrance flanked by kelp. You would not know it was there and without GPS it would be very hard to find. Once inside we dropped the hook in the middle. It was sheltered, quiet and we all relaxed and got the beers out. An exciting days sailing.  

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