Friday, August 30, 2013

13th August. Bunsby Islands to Petraglyph cove. 22 miles

The morning forecast told us of an approaching low that would bring strong winds from the south for a few days so we decided that we would move on and seek a more sheltered anchorage to wait out the bad weather. Petraglyph cove is a very sheltered anchorage with a narrow entrance and room for about 4-5 boats but we were the only boat there. Jude went off exploring in the kayak whilst I made some bread. The evening passed with no events and little wind. I really don’t think you would notice a storm whilst in this cove, it’s so cozy.  

The following day Taylor, George and Roscoe the dog arrived on Loon, followed by Kirk and Kristan on Linger Longer. They had spent the previous night in Dixie cove, just around the corner. We invited everybody over for supper and Jude cooked a lovely meal. George and Taylor bought Roscoe over as well and they kindly donated a jar of Nutella.

The following morning we departed at 7am to see if we could get around to our next anchorage before the winds picked up but as we rounded rugged point the wind picked up and were gusting to 27 knots true on the nose with waves on the bow. We decided to turn around and head back. As we turned around we could see Linger Longer coming around the headland, we talked on the radio and they decided to head back as well. Taylor and George also had come out and turned back have heard what it was like out, so we all bolted back to safe anchorages.

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