Friday, August 30, 2013

August. Petraglyph Cove to Queens Cove

We departed at 6.45am again hoping to get to Queens cove before the 30 knot winds appeared. This time we were in luck. It was calm, only 5 knots of wind but it was foggy so we navigated our way past rugged point under radar. Once a couple of miles offshore the fog cleared a bit so that visibility was about ½ a mile.
George and Roscoe (Loon)

Linger Longer


Queens cove was empty except for a loggers or fishers camp on the south shore. I went exploring in the Kayak, had a look at an old wreck and paddled up Park River as far as I could go. Linger Longer and Loon came into the anchorage. Jude and Katya had baked some muffins and Katya strapped a sign to herself and went on a muffin delivery mission to the other boats. Taylor and George very kindly agreed to “lend” us Roscoe for the night and it was great to have a dog on board again. Roscoe got a lot of attention that night.      

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