Friday, August 30, 2013

12th August. Kaskish to the Bunsby islands. 32 miles.

We made our way up the north side of the Brooks Peninsular with its 2500ft mountains rising dramatically from the water’s edge. We rounded Cape Cook with Solander island to port. A group of puffins lifted off the water close to the boat. Just to the west of the Peninsular we saw many humpback whales feeding in these rich Pacific waters, one of which was very close to the boat, probably 20 feet or so.     
Solander Island

There were a few other boats on the Bunsby islands and we chose to anchor in a small bay off Gay Passage. I dropped a kayak in the water and took it through the islands exploring and into a lagoon.
When I returned Loon, the yacht we had followed out of Bull harbor, was anchored in the same cove, George was on the rock hoping to photograph some sea otters. We chatted a while and he told me much about sea otters. Kirk and Kristen came over in their dinghy and said that they we having a fire on the beach in the evening and we were invited. So it was that Kirk and Kristen from Linger Longer, Taylor and George from Loon and ourselves went over to a beach and lit a fire, ate and had a few drinks and watched the sun go down.             

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