Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tracy arm and Sawyer glacier and back 46 miles.

 The evening forecast for our trip up Tracy arm the next day was for 15 knot winds and rain. But when we awoke the barometer was rising and we had clear skies and light winds. How fortuitous. We set off uncertain how far we could get through the iceflow. Tracy Arm is also known for its beauty. A typical glacial carved fjirod, high grantite walls and waterfalls. The further we progressed up the arm the more ice we encountered. The large bergs are easy to see but the small ones, about 2-4ft are the hardest to see because they are almost translucent. Jude donned her hat and gloves and armed herself with the boat hook and we navigated our way through the iceflow.

I was amazed at the size of the glacier as we approached it. We cut the engine and sat there watching it carve with thunderous crashes throwing huge amounts of ice into the light green water. Jude was on the helm while I took the kayak out to get a closer look and take some photographs.  We all sat on the bow watching the glacier. We wanted to stay longer but it was too deep to anchor and we had to start heading back to Tracy Arm cove. It was a special day for me and Katya – our first glacier.            

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  1. Photos are stunning, the black and white one in particular. I don't think Strider would like it in there...too many bergs for the light hulls.