Sunday, June 9, 2013

Snug cove to Tracy arm cove 45 miles

We awoke in the morning and Jude told me that she had a dream that my lure was on our anchor chain. And sure enough when we pulled up the chain there it was, attached as she had dreamt on the chain. Spooky.

Missing fishing lure recovered
The inquisitive iceberg
With 15 knots from the south we managed to raise the sails and have a leisurely sail to Tracy Arm cove. The seas were about 1 foot so we had a very smooth ride across Stephens passage which can kick up sometimes. The weather was overcast with patches of rain. Visibility deteriorated as we approached the entrance to Tracy arm which is restricted with by the terminal moraine of the once great glacier. As we approached harbor island I saw what looked like a low rock on our port side. I was not aware of any rocks close to the entrance. I quickly checked all my charts and there was no mention of the rock. I slowed down in case there were others. I knew there were likely to be icebergs exiting the arm but this was so grey and rocky I was unsure. We decided that it was indeed an iceberg, just a very rocky one. Other large icebergs were exiting the mouth of the arm, some the size of a large house. We slowed down as we were unsure of how easy the smaller bergs would likely to be seen. We cleared the entrance and headed towards Tracy arm cove, the only reported anchorage in Tracy arm. The anchorage is open to southerlies but winds were, and were predicted to be light. We dropped the hook in 50ft of water and settled down to eat. Whilst we were eating we saw a small (20ft) iceberg entering the anchorage. Over the next few hours we watched the berg as it came within 15ft of the boat, circled us and exited the anchorage like an inquisitive whale. Bizarre.        

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