Sunday, June 9, 2013

Red Bluff Bay to Snug Cove in Gambier bay 60 miles

Mother bear and cubs swimming to shore

We spent two nights in Red Bluff watching more bears and other wildlife. It’s good to back on the anchor but we do miss having a hot bath at the end of the day. We are getting closer to midsummer and the nights are long. It’s still light at 11pm and it gets light again at around 3am. We still have to go north and about three weeks before mid-summer so I am sure darkness will be brief. It’s great. So much time to explore.

The winds were light from the south so we motored all the way to Gambier bay on Admiralty Island. The island is known to have the highest density of bears anywhere in the world. 1 bear for every square mile. We checked out one cove to anchor in which would be closer to our destination for the following day but it was a bit exposed to the southerly winds that were picking up so we headed over to snug cove and dropped the hook behind an island in about 40 foot of water. Just as we were dropping the anchor Jude spotted a bear and two cubs swimming from the island to the mainland.

I did some fishing but my luck seems to have broken and not only did I catch nothing but I lost my lure on something on the bottom.

Our plan was to leave early in the morning to sail over to Tracy Arm cove – hopefully with some favourable winds, so we had an early night after making some bread for the morning.  

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