Sunday, June 9, 2013

Taku Harbour to Juneau 20 miles.

Disney Wonder

Departing in sunshine and waving goodbye to new friends we headed towards Juneau where we will be meeting Amber, Ben, Steve and Sandy who will be with us for the next 5 weeks. It’s been three weeks since we were last in a town. We are kind of looking forward to it mostly because our provisions are depleted. All our fresh produce has long since gone and we need some fruit and veg. at least our waistlines have been saved.

We feel really small

It’s a strange thing having been in the wilderness and then suddenly you are passed by a Disney cruise ship heading towards Juneau, complete with Mickey Mouse performing on deck. We laughed.

We could not get into the main small boat harbors as there is a bridge crossing the channel which is lower than our mast. We did however manage t secure a slip on the intermediate dock, being small ships. So it was we shoehorned ourselves between two large charter boats and close to the cruise ships and at least in town. Like Ketchikan, Juneau thrives on the tourist industry from the cruise ships. Many of the ships are owned by the cruise ship companies thus trying to extract more tourist dollars from their clients.

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