Sunday, June 30, 2013


It has been exactly 1 month since we did our last provisioning in Ketchikan and we have run out of, or are running low, on fruit, veg, bread and dairy products. Juneau’s big supermarkets are not in the main town center so a car is necessary but Juneau does have a COSTCO! We also have to do our laundry, which is a bit of a chore and does require the use of a car since the laundry in again outside of the main town.

We hired a car at the very reasonable rate of $60 for one day and did our laundry and some shopping, and went to pick up Amber, Ben (now known as Badger), Steve and Sandy from the airport.  It is great to see them and have them aboard Sarita and we are looking forward to sharing our experiences with them. The following day we did our big Costco shop and went to the Super Bear supermarket, famed in Juneau for its fresh produce and meats. With all the extra guests on board in becomes harder to find space to store provisions for seven people for 1 month, but miraculously it is achieved. I hope somebody knows where it is all hidden.

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