Saturday, June 8, 2013

Cannery cove to Warm Springs 37.6nm

The weather forecast was for NW winds – 15knots and 2 foot seas for our mainly SW sail down Fredrick Sound and up a short distance of Chatham strait. it was like a mill pond, only 1-4knoths of wind, slight current against us until we neared Chatham strait where we had over 2knots of current with us 9.8 knots SOG at one point. No other boats in sight and a slightly overcast day but dry.

We were all looking forward to a hot spring bath and hoped that it would not be crowded at this time of year – still early in the season – The dock can apparently get busy with fishing boats during salmon season but as we approached we saw one space left against the dock. John from Prime Time was there with his New Zealand friends and took our lines at the dock which we were thankful of as the currents from the waterfall close to the dock were creating quite a current. Two lovely old wooden charter boats were tied up: the Discovery and Mycia. These old boats look magnificent in these waters.

We hopped off, glad to stretch our legs and went for a walk to check out the hot springs which there were two types – the Public baths, which consisted of 3 metal baths in a bath house on stilts by the dock with a super view of the waterfall and a series of rock pools about ¼ mile up a board walk path right by the river and waterfall. We decided to take a bath first so Katya and I went off to carry out our ablutions.

We invited John and his friends around for a drink and an Israeli chap call Sveki (Mario) over for drinks. We all chatted, exchanged stories and suggestions of where to go. Later in the evening another sailboat arrived with single handed Mike at the helm. He tied up alongside, exhausted from his long trip.

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