Sunday, June 9, 2013

Warm Springs bay continued...

What was intended as a one day stop turned into a 5 day stop. The sun shone, we could hikek and have the most amazing hot springs baths right by a raging waterfall – we could have a cold dip in the icy waters of the river and then jump into the hot springs water which must be around 42-43 degrees Celsius, my perfect temperature. 

Bear track
Mike swimming by the waterfall

 Mike, Sveki and I went for a walk up to Sadie lake seeing bear tracks along the way. Mike sailed up from Seattle in his 29ft boat and is heading to Sitka to work on a boat for the fishing season. Sveki from Israel is also working on Wind Chime, a trolling boat fishing for salmon. It has been a

pleasure to meet these two chaps. Mike was rafted up along-side us and Jude, Katya and I enjoyed his company. Mike has two surfboards strapped to his bow and we discovered that he likes free diving. Not sure if he was kidding but he said he dives in these frigid waters with only a surf wet suit. So in he went and swam over to the waterfall and drifted back in the strong current from the falls.
Shrimp from Mark and Daun

Other boats came and went. More Australians and Kiwis, families, fishing boats, small charter boats and even a boat with bear hunters with camo-clad guests. We were very kindly invited for a BBQ dinner by Mark and Daun who own a house in warm springs. There were there with their family and Mark with his wonderful fishing vessel (with two 300hp outboards) kindly gave us, what we believe to be, the best shrimp (prawns) we have ever had. They were so sweet and tender. Again the generosity and welcoming people continue to give us so much joy. Thanks Mark and Daun. We hope to see you in Sitka.

John's lovely Bristol Cutter
Mike heading out to Sitka
Tveki on Wind Chime. Randy on the helm
Even as we were departing we were considering to stay another day, but we have to start making tracks towards Juneau to meet Amber, her boyfriend Ben and our great friends Steve and Sandy from Denver.

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