Saturday, June 23, 2012

Chatterbox Falls

We explored the area around Chatterbox falls which is lush rainforest with the deepest green Colours I have ever seen. Steve and I were approached by the ranger (oh no, what have we done now?) but she was looking for some help fixing here water powered generator. We duly obliged and traced the fault down to lack of water pressure. We then tracked up the mountain to the head of the pipe feeding the generator and re sank the collector in the waterfall, which was a bit of a challenge due to the amount of water flowing. All fixed.

I took Luda for a walk up towards an old Trappers hut, a steep climb over slippery rocks and roots for which I had to take Luda off the lead. 45 mins into the walk I could not find Luda. Half an hour of looking for her had me worried as the undergrowth was very thick in the rainforest. I thought that Luda was clever enough to find her way home so i headed back down the mountain where I found the  rest of the party looking for me as Luda had returned and they thought that she was telling them that I was lost!

Princess Louisa Inlet to Lund

22nd June

In order to exit the inlet we have to exit Malibu rapids at high water slack, which today is at 7:15am, so we were all up at 5:30am. The sun was shining again, contrary to the forecast, and we exited the inlet with no fuss. Much better than our entrance. Lesson learned.

The wind picked up to 20 knots so up came the sails as we ran down wind towards Lund.. A great sail making 8 knots most of he way. The rain started at about 1pm and Steve and I endured a soaking for a few hours whilst the rest of the crew fed and watered us from under the hard dodger and warmth.

We entered Lund harbour at 5pm, tied up on a floating breakwater ,tired after our long day. Steve, Rog and I went ashore to check the facilities out - straight to the pub for a pint- and worked out where to buy coffee and have showers.

Lund is a pretty little harbour on the edge on Desolation sound. Serviced by a good pub and a great bakery. All the essentials.

Tomorrow we head off for Grace harbour, an anchorage about 10 miles away. Looking forward to a good night of sleep

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