Sunday, June 24, 2012

The crew

Personnel by Roger;-

Captain;- Richard, more than capable, cool ,calm and very lovable.

Captain below decks;- Jude, more than capable, excellent cook does most if not ALL  things with an intensity that would frighten Genghis  Khan, a planner of great detail and very lovable.

Bosun and Chief Petty Officer ;- Katya, manufacturer of fine works of art when she isn’t telling us all what to do and how to go about it!
The only child (I use the word advisedly) who has never said “I’m bored” even after fifteen hours in a car Also very lovable.

First Mate;- Sandy Duren, possesses a wicked sense of humour and also has to be mental health nurse.

First Officer (mechanical). Stephen Duren. Also very amusing,however he’s a Texan who reads books about Caligula, which is worrying enough! He also sports a hat that advertises Broadmoor. Hence the first mate’s alternative employment.

We are all rubbing along very well (just fine in local parlance). Well they havn’t made me walk the plank yet and have taken me on for another few weeks as chief video recorder and occasional curry provider.

The next few weeks promises to be both breathtaking and extremely amusing!

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