Friday, June 22, 2012

Princess Louisa Inlet

Harmony Islands to Princess Louisa Inlet

We departed the Harmony Islands at 6:30 to catch the slack tide going through the Malibu rapids which are at the entrance to Princess Louisa Inlet. The journey is about 40 miles and we managed to get the sails up shortly after leaving but having to tack up the Prince of Wales reach and the wind died after we turned the corner. The scenery is getting more and more spectacular as we head north. Steep sided fjords with depths in mid channel reaching nearly 2000 feet.

We made good time so we cut the engine about 2 miles short of Malibu rapids to wait for slack tide. Jude and Sandy prepared a lovely lunch and we sat in the sunshine drifting along.

We attempted a transit 30 mins before slack having seen another few vessels go before us. The water was greatly disturbed still and we managed to get through with 3 knots of boat speed to spare. Not enough for my liking so I will be patient next time and wait for full slack to transit. We don’t want to become sport for the audience anxiously watching onshore for impending doom.

Once inside Princess Louisa Inlet the views became even more spectacular. Waterfalls on both sides lined the inlet and the steep sides of many thousand feet climbing vertical.

Being early in the season there were few boats at the head of the inlet – Chatterbox falls – and we managed to tie up to a small public dock with two other boats.  Many photographs and video footage was taken. Luda was pleased to get ashore and we all explored the area around the falls where a short walk led to the base of the falls.

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  1. Hello dear, have a good trip!! hugs and kisses, from Ilana and the family from israel:)