Tuesday, November 22, 2016


At 14:00 local time on the 22nd November we sailed into Coffs Harbour and made landfall, Australia.

The last two days were slow going and we had our spinnaker up for 48 hrs straight, a first for me to sail through the night with it up.

Clearing Australian customs and immigration was easy enough and the authorities were polite and efficient without being officious. They confiscated a few food items which was expected.

Coffs Harbour was damaged in a recent storm so there are no marina slips available so we are anchored in the outer Harbour which is a bit rolly.

It's wonderful to be here and it feels slightly surreal for the three of us. We now look forward to working our way down the coast to Sydney.


  1. Hi! This is Nicolee ex Viking and Velindra. I see you're back in Australia. How bizarre it must be. Enjoy your new land based life. I miss you heaps. You are truly generous, caring, worldly, practical, wonderful etc people. I'm in Melbourne for now spending time with my son. Alice is based at Byron for now. Sailing in races but its cold, crowded , bust and noisy!! xxx

  2. Amazing! Well done to the Captain and crew. I have enjoyed reading all your posts since you left and now feel a tinge of sadness it's all over, although you all perhaps feel differently. Maybe see you in January in Sydney. Brent

  3. Congratulations Sarita's. We are inside Fraser Island. Heading south. Looking like leaving M in the Gold Coast for a bit and driving south. Hope we can catch up along the way. Sue and John.