Sunday, March 20, 2016

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Its a long way to the Taco stand.

Its been over six days since we left Mexico and we have traveled 800 nautical miles, not as many as we had hoped for but the winds have been quite light but on the bright side its been an extremely relaxing crossing so far. When I look at our position on the world map our little dot in the middle of the Ocean looks really quite insignificant, nothing for hundreds even thousands of miles. We unanimously agreed today that it does not feel like over 6 days since we left but more like 3 days and we passed the 1/4 way mark.

You would think that you would get pretty tired of looking at the ocean each day but its surprisingly captivating. Every day seems to be different in some way: The colour of the water changes, the waves and their effect on the boat, the small amount of wildlife but each day is punctuated with something special. On our first night we had 14 squid throw themselves on deck along with a number of flying fish. This morning we had three stowaways sitting on the solar panels, not sure what birds they were but maybe a boobie variety.

The sailing has been fun and is challenging me to get the best boat speed and direction from the light winds. We hauled out the spinnaker this morning and it was great to be moving along effortlessly in light winds. The spinnaker pole was used to keep the genoa from flogging but its a dangerous thing to set and take down in a swell, being so heavy.

The girls are doing very well Katya has been doing her schoolwork and reading and Amber has been helping us sail and reading. Jude, as ever, has been making sure we are all extremely well fed and enduring the 3am-5am night watch. Signing off for now.

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