Thursday, March 17, 2016

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Thursday 17th March. Position 16 degrees 18 minutes North 111 degrees 14 minutes west. Approx 440 miles covered. The winds died down to below five knots on Wednesday afternoon so we ran the engine for a few hours and took the sails down to prevent them flogging against the rigging. We floated about overnight rolling from one side to another as the swells passed us by waiting for the winds to pick up. By 9am in the morning the winds picked up to just over 5 knots allowing us to get going again. We had covered just over 5 miles overnight pulled along by the current. The winds died again and the seas became glassy so it was back to waiting around for winds. We spotted turtles slowly swimming by and were lucky enough to see a juvenile turtle and a leatherback turtle. Dolphins swam and performed around the boat in waters that are infeasible blue and clear, so much so that the dolphins look like they are swimming through air. Despite the light air today the past few days have been wonderful and great way to start the journey.

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