Thursday, November 5, 2015

The 4th crossing of the sea.

We departed San Carlos around midday hoping for good winds to cross the 90 odd miles to San Juanico on the Baja peninsula. As we departed the harbor the winds were sufficient for us to raise the sails. We slipped through the water for a few of hours before the winds dropped so we were going less than 1 knot so we started the engine. An hour or so later the wind picked up in a southerly direction so we trimmed the sheets tight and headed to windward doing a very pleasant 7-8 knots in relatively calm seas. Our friend Rocky and Renaye left a little while after us and we could see them in the fading light behind us, persevering in the light winds (we later found out they were almost going backwards during the time we motored). Another sail boat sped past us using their engine and soon after raised their sails. We followed them through the night pretty much all the way to San Juanico, never more than a mile or so behind them. We had one squall hit us in the early morning and we quickly reefed the sails but not before doing a 360 turn as I was disorientated in the moonless night. (Note to self: trust your instruments not your senses) 

We arrived in San Juanico and dropped the anchor in almost the same spot as we were previously and very quickly changed into our swimmers and jumped into the beautifully clear waters to cool off and have a wash. Oh how wonderful it felt.

We spent a couple of days in San Juanico before retracing our route south via Agua Verde, Los Gatos and Isla San Francisco to La Paz where my impending dental work would commence.

Before arriving in La Paz we stopped off at the very small island of Isla Islotes where you can reportedly swim with the seals. We dropped the anchor in 60 feet of water a few hundred yards from the island and swam over to the island. We could hear the seals but it was not until we got close did we see them. I have to say that this has been the highlight of my time in Mexico, swimming and watching the seals is a unique experience. What wonderful creatures they are. The young pups are not shy at all and will come up to you and allow you to touch them. Some of the adults were understandably protective of their young and charged at you if you came to close, a lesson quickly learned as it is quite intimidating seeing their jaws open as they charge. 

We made the most of the wonderful water to swim in and we languished in it to cool off as the middy temperatures rose above 30c.


  1. Love your video of the seals! Glad you are enjoying your time back on the boat. See you soon.
    xoxo SV Ohana

  2. Great post. Love reading your adventures unfold. Great video. See you all soon.