Sunday, July 5, 2015

Puerto Ballandra

 We had been in Puerto Escondido just over a week and we were itching to head out and do some more exploring so we went to the office to settle our mooring bill and headed out. We raised the sails in light winds and beat our way over to Puerto Ballandra on Isla Carmen.

We were pleased that there was nobody else in the anchorage and we dropped the hook in about 20feet of crystal clear water – we thought it would be murky after the storm – and swam to shore and snorkeled the reefs seeing a huge variety of fish along with two turtles and numerous lobster.

The following day we swam some more and took a hike up one of the hills to get a better view of the area. I nearly stepped on a snake on the way down and wondered if it was one of the island’s Rattleless rattle snakes, either way it was a close call.

Jude and I took our second dive on the southern reef seeing a bright green conger eel and a number of small manta rays. We now need to find a place to fill our dive tanks.

We lingered a few days in Ballandra and the two other kid-boats arrived Pesto and Coastal Drifter so we decided to stay and extra day so the children could hang-out (it’s not cool to say play now). In the evening all the crews of the boats came across to Sarita with the children watching a movie and the adults on deck chatting. Phillip from Coastal Drifter kindly brought a bottle on 18 yr old Glenlivet scotch, and Alex a bottle of good “sipping” tequila. Thanks! 
Phil and Debra, Sierra and Savannah  on Coastal Drifter

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