Thursday, June 4, 2015

Puerto Escondido

Our intention was to check out an anchorage on Isla Monserrate but the winds were in the wrong direction and would have meant for a rolly stop over so we sailed on to Caleta Candeleros Chico, which is a one-boat anchorage just south of Puerto Escondido. It’s a wonderful little anchorage with clear waters and a white sandy beach but it had stinging jellyfish so we had lunch and moved on to Honeymoon cove on Isla Danzanate, yet another picture postcard anchorage but again with stingers AND bees. Jude was trying to make supper but 30-40 bees had entered the boat in search of fresh water making cooking a bit stressful to say the least. Katya had solved the jellyfish problem by suiting herself from head to toe in stockings which worked just fine except she looked like some sort of child ninja.

The bees became too much and we decided that we would cross over the channel and go to Puerto Escondido.

Improvised stinger suit

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