Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bahia Agua Verde

We motored the short distance to Aqua Verde where our friends, Jamie and Elaine on Tardis, were anchored. We dropped the hook in the southern anchorage which we had all to ourselves and Jamie and Elaine came over for a chat before heading into town to get some lunch and find the fabled goat’s cheese. Calling Agua Verde a town is a bit of an overstatement. It is a collection of small houses with dirt streets a couple of very small stores and a small church. Enterprising Jamie corralled some local children and got them to show us the way to the goat’s cheese house where as luck would have it Mama had just finished pressing a fresh roundel which we shared between us. The cheese is more like a mozzarella rather than a traditional feta type cheese; it seems to be the Mexican way of making cheese.

The one tabled restaurant in Agua Verde
We spent the afternoon snorkeling in the reef and swimming when a convoy of five boats came in the bay and anchored all around us. We prefer being on our own but it is not bad having other boats around as long as they don’t anchor too close so we have to be concerned about swinging into each other.

Main street

Goats on the beach

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