Thursday, June 4, 2015

El Mezteno – Isla Espiritu Santo

The following morning we raised the anchor and made our way the short distance of just 5 miles to the small anchorage of El Mezteno, probably a two boat anchorage but so very picturesque with its crystal waters and deserted sandy beach and high protective cliffs on the north and south sides and a canyon to the east. Again we were on our own and we decided that this was going to be a two or three day stop-over as there looked like there was much to occupy us.

We plunged into the cooling waters, snorkeled the shorelines and explored further afield with the kayaks. On our first evening two sea kayaks came around the north headland and made camp on the beach and then proceeded to strip naked. Fine. Going for a swim, why not, but they did not put their clothes back on and explored the beach in their birthday suits. Luckily we were far enough away that it was not too bothersome (They were no spring chickens – why is it that nudists are always older?). The following morning we decided that we would go for a walk up canyon and see the vista to our next anchorage. We took George, our faithful dinghy, to the other end of the beach from where the nudists were camped and started the rather rough hike up the canyon. The path was not clear and it was a bit of a tough scramble so the girls turned back to explore the beach and I carried on up the bolder-ridden track. After about two hours of scrambling on my own path and some rather nerve wracking climbing sections I made it two the top of the canyon and the splendid view of Caleta Partida. One the way to the top I came across a seam of agate rock and spent 20 minutes trying to collect some worthy specimens to take back and show the girls. We have been trying to find agate on our trips for a number of years and I was so pleased to find some and looked forward to showing Katya. On my return down the mountain Katya was very excited to show me her collection of agate as well! 

Barry the dessicated puffa fish

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