Sunday, September 14, 2014

San Francisco

It’s good to be in San Francisco after the good passage down. We met up with Steve who has hired a car and he kindly drove us around some of the sites of the city.

TC departed back home and we spent the next few days doing some more sightseeing in San Fran and also taking in delicious, and spicy, Chinese meal in the large China town district.

We decided to visit Sausalito on the north side of San Francisco Bay and were recommended that we stay at the prestigious Sausalito Cruising club and we were very glad to be able to get in. The club house is a charming ram shackled float house and the docks dry out at low tide leaving you sitting on the mud but as a cruiser you are allowed to stay for 4 days free of charge and then
it is $10 per night. There are free showers and you can plug in. They also have $10 buffet nights and live music several times a week so it’s a bit of a cruisers paradise in San Fran. We felt privileged to be able to stay. Thanks Richard and Gerri for the suggestion!

We gingerly made our way to the cruising club, watching as the depth shoaled to less than 4 feet beneath us and rafted up to a young Canadian couple, James and Sarah, on their steel sloop, Tatu. They gave us a wonderful greeting. They are on their way to Mexico so we will no doubt be seeing them again along the way.        
Rafted up to Tatu in Sausilito Cruising club

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