Sunday, September 14, 2014

Arrived in San Fran

The first leg from Friday Harbor to San Francisco is complete! 799 nautical miles in 115 hours or just under 5 days non stop.

It was a great journey especially if you compare it to the one coming up the coast back in 2012.  We had some great sailing with full moons and clear skies. Some confused seas to start with that made all of our stomachs churn, except for Katya that is. She must have Jude's father's sea legs. We caught a nice tuna along the way, had close encounters with whales and dolphins and are pleased to be here in San Fran.

Our friend TC who joined us was a complete Godsend. Without him the journey would have been a harder and we would be completely exhausted.

We now look forward to celebrating and exploring the city and then meeting up with Steve and Sandy for more frivolity. 

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