Friday, August 30, 2013

21st July. Prince Rupert to Captain Cove 36 miles

Well it seemed strange to have just the three of back on board. Katya reclaimed her berth. She was sad to see Amber and Ben leave. She had some much fun with both of them. Late night antics, feasts and artistic expressions.
 We are now making our way to the Island of Haida Gwaii, or what was known as the Queen Charlotte islands. They lie off the west coast of BC about 70 miles and the passage has been known to be a bit rough sometimes. We would have three stops before we leap off for Queen Charlotte city , Captain cove being the first.
 22nd July Captain Cove to Spicer islands 11miles
 A very short passage allowed us to arrive in the spicer islands early where we relaxed and listened to the extended forecast for crossing Hecate Strait to Queen Charlotte city. It all sounded promising and the plan was to head to Larsen Harbour on Banks Island tomorrow as it provided the shortest distance to Queen Charlotte City.
 23rd July. Spicer Islands to Larsen Harbour and back 21 miles

Larsen harbor promised a number of mooring buoys which we could tie up to for a peaceful nights sleep before our crossing of Hecate strait but when we arrived there were none. The guide book states that an anchorage could be found but we could not get a good set with the anchor in rock and kelp so we decided to head back to the spicer islands. It was a bit of a waste of a day but we decided that it was better to have a good nights sleep before our crossing. On the plus side we did get to sail there and back most of the way.

Kelp on the anchor in Larsen Harbour

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