Friday, August 30, 2013

18th July. Ketchikan to Foggy bay. 38 miles

We did our last shop of American foods and beer and said our good buys to Steve and Sandy who were catching the Ferry to Bellingham. We then departed for Foggy bay in light winds. We watched the AIS to see when Steve and Sandy’s ferry left and tracked it as it passed us. We watched and could see two figures on the top deck waving in the distance. We had been trying to get in touch with Steve to see if he had accidently taken the power cable to the iPad and if so could he throw it overboard in a bag for us to pick up. It all turned out to be a prank and it was onboard all the time! The crew are cheeky monsters and should have been keel-hauled. 
 We arrived in foggy bay which had two other boats anchored, one a bizarre looking boat with a large carved eagle on its bow and bright yellow.
 19th July Foggy Bay to Prince Rupert 51 miles        
We crossed Dixon entrance in calm weather and flat seas. Open water crossing bring hope of some sailing and it was a bit disappointing to be motoring along through Dixon entrance in calm seas and nothing to look at. We did have some dolphins playing on our bow which broke the monotony of the day.
 We debated where to stay in Prince Rupert as when we stayed on our way up the yacht club was a bit rocky with the wake of large boats passing but choices are limited so we tied up there again.
We went to do another large shop in Safeway as it would probably be our last chance for a shop until Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver island, which could be a month away. We all went out for a meal at Smiles to have another celebration of Katya’s birthday and to say goodbye to Amber and Ben who would be leaving the following day.
 Amber and Ben very kindly bought us some gifts – a book on Haida Gwaii, our next destination and Jude received a new purse, her old one being somewhat sorry looking. Katya came back with a moustache mug. We walked up to the Bus stop and saw the guys off. I was sad to see them go and wished that they could have stayed longer but alas they are heading back via Vancouver to Scotland.

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