Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rebecca Spit

Rebecca Spit

Having navigated Sarita safely through the fog and rapids from the Octopus Islands we arrived at Rebecca Spit on Quadra Island. As the name suggests the anchorage is a spit of land, only about 50 yards wide that juts out from the east side of the island near Heriot bay. We all dinghied ashore and walked up the beach looking at the huge amount of driftwood on either side of the spit. Katya loved walking along the logs and has been adding to her “art material” collection.

The following day we walked the 3 miles along the beach into town to see what it had to offer and find out where we could stock up on food and water. We were pleasantly surprised by Heriot bay. It had a well stocked supermarket and a good pub! Tonight is Reggae night with prime rib Sunday special on the menu! So we will come back later.

On the south side of the bay adjacent to Rebecca spit is a camp site along the shore of the bay.  Its past and present occupiers have been very creative with the driftwood that lies so densely along the shore and have made quite elaborate structures including verandas, staircases, some amazing rafts and rope swings, some of which are adorned with wood carvings in the local Native American style. Needless to say it took us some time to get back as we tested out some of the rafts and rope swings.

The same evening we dressed up (unusual for us) and took the dinghy into town where we had supper at the Heriot bay inn. Unfortunately we could not see the reggae band as minors were not allowed so we lingered, like teenagers, outside the pub and enjoyed the music for a while. A strong smell of herbal remedies filled the air. The dinghy ride back to the boat, which is about a mile, was interesting. Not only was it pitch black but the wind had picked up and there were a few white horses. Thanks to the trusty GPS on our iphone we managed to find our way back easily and we did not get wet.
On Monday we took the dinghy back into town and walked to the supermarket. We had a full trolley load of stuff which we had to take back to the dinghy and then back to the boat. Luckily the supermarket is prepared for the likes of us sailors and they delivered the goods to the dock for us FOC! Marvelous.

Tomorrow we are heading back to Desolation sound to pick up our new propane bottles. We will then have a full pantry, full tanks and enough propane to last us a month or so. Who knows where we will be next.

PS the forecast is looking ok for the next 10 days. Only a small chance of rain. Cloudy in the mornings but sunny in the afternoons. Fingers crossed.    

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