Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Natural Forces

Natural Forces.

 A poem by Jude Brierley-Jones

At Christmas time when all were merry,
To me life seemed just sad and scary,
Approaching is the year 20-12,
What will it bring? Please tell me Santa’s elves.
The elves said laughing …”baby don’t you see
Change is your kismet, you can’t change destiny!

My grounds unstable…oh no I’m going round the bend,
Life in Denver is coming to an end,
Grave panic was dancing in my heart,
My perfect world was soon to fall apart,
My dearest husband my knight in shining armor,
Was soothing - hush my darling, don’t you worry pretty mama,
Your job is great I know you love it honey,
But that don’t make us any money,
I know you also love the house, the car,
But sitting in our castle won’t get us very far,

Now grinning sheepishly just like the Cheshire Cat,
He said I have had enough uncertainty, I’ll put an end to that,
And then announcing all is not forlorn,
He pointed to his sailing porn
These books tell stories of great adventure,
If to the open seas one dares to venture.
Just think, imagine how rich our life could be,
Living with the creatures of the sea.

And as I listened to what my husband said,
Great images were filling up my head.
I saw our boat our slick Sarita
Dancing on the waves like a sexy senorita,
Taking us to places to lands both near and far,
Guiding our way is the wondering star.

On our bow the dolphins playing,
The wind in the sails hums like peaceful praying,
And then we reach majestic sandy shores,
Lands of great beauty, for us to explore.
It is a dream an apparition
but it became our inspiration.
Serendipity came knocking on our door,
And that loud knock we can’t ignore.

Before too long as we grow older,
A little rounder a little bolder,
That opportunity will slip away
Age of Aquarius is now and not some other day.
We sell the castle, pack the rest.
Our oscillating emotions put to the test.
Lots of friends in Denver…it’s hard to say goodbye,
As we embark on our journey north, both Katya and I cry.
Though sad at first, soon sadness turns to glee
When we could hear the Sea Gulls and smell that wondrous sea.

Our abode is humble inside Sarita's womb,
It’s cozy and it’s warm and has ample room.
How long will this life suite us?
I don’t possess a crystal ball
We got the wind of natural forces
And are answering their call.
For this I know, right now the three of us together,
And we are buoyant no matter what’s the weather.
Stripped of unwanted possessions and constant ticking clocks,
We are in tune with Mother Nature,
And are solid as a rock .

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  1. Love it!!!
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