Sunday, August 12, 2012

On our way

On our way

Well we finally finished the packing and signed the contract to sell the house. We are now on the road and heading back to Anacortes and life on a boat. It's strange but we have not had time to think about this next chapter in our lives and how it is going to change us. We might all love it and everything will be harmonious or we might hate it and seek a normal life on dry land, only time will tell as this chapter unveils itself.

All our chattels have been packed into storage with the exception of our belongings we are taking on the boat which have been  rammed in every crevice of the car. We could not get a single extra pair of socks in the car if we tried.

We will be spending the next 3 weeks mooring and at anchor as we wait for our winter (cheap) slip assignment in Friday Harbour which will be our base until May next year and we head off, direction yet unknown.

We said all our farewells back in Denver. Our friends have been so kind and we shall miss them all. They kindly fed and watered us, provided us with beds and took the stuff we could not pack into storage or take with us.   We shall miss seeing all the children of our friends growing up and changing into adolescents and adults (and the trials and tribulations their parents will go through) Many thanks to you all. We will miss you. We hope we can repay you sometime soon.


  1. You did it! We had no doubt you would but it's somewhat quicker that we were anticipating. Your'e off to live on the boat and sail the seas. How fookin exciting is that! Hugely pleased for you intrepid 3. We will continue to follow your posts and hope it won't be long before we can intercept you en-route on the high-seas. Big love from both of us in the meantime.

    In the meantime, update use with any changed email addresses, and skype/phone. We'll send you updates of us and our latest family member…!

    Kev & Alex

  2. Hey Jude, Richard and Katya. Following your travels here in Dubai. Glad to see your dreams coming true xx