Sunday, August 26, 2012

On the hook

Having finally completed the packing of all our belongings onto the boat which involved finding every conceivable space on the boat and tightly packing everything away, we finished a few repairs - there is always something to fix on a boat – we went food shopping in preparation for a few days on the anchor.

We headed off to Sucia island, the most northerly of the San Juan Islands on the border with Canada. Sucia Island is actually a group of islands in a horseshoe shape with 4 main anchorages, Echo bay being the largest. The islands have a number of small coves with beaches and trails to explore.

We have started Katya’s homeschooling with a 3rd grade refresher course covering maths, English and started some additional units that we can tie into our day to day experiences:- weather and the night sky. We travelled to a secluded bay on the northern side of the island and set up a day camp and started the lessons. I am not sure who is learning more, Katya or Jude and I. We also visited another bay that had various deposits of fossils. We are awaiting our 4th grade syllabus and homeschooling package from Calvert which will provide us a greater structure for all of us. We believe, from reading other parents experiences of homeschooling, that the key to success is to incorporate learning with real life experiences and being flexible, planning lessons around what we are doing but ensuring that we cover all aspects of a syllabus. If we get it right Katya could end up with a well rounded one-on-one education and a great experience. Let’s hope all our patience holds out!

As usual Jude has been keeping us well fed and we have been learning to live with what we have on board. We did run out of bread on the 3rd day and I decided to have a go at baking a loaf of bread. Having left the dough to rise overnight I awoke early to put the loaf in the oven. 40 mins later the smell of baking bread was enveloping the anchorage and we pulled it out of the oven. It might have been the fact that we were very hungry but the bread came out perfect and it tasted great. The loaf only lasted 1 day.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos - everyone is so very happy. Katya's fairy is adorable! Safe travels xx

  2. Maggie & I were sitting here at High Plains missing you. Jude--this picture of you is BEAUTIFUL! You look so relaxed and happy! We miss you dearly!! We are thinking about you!!

  3. Hey Jude!!!!! Miss you! Breathe in that ocean air for me!