Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lagoon Cove to Forward Harbour

With strong winds predicted for our journey in Johnstone Strait we departed early in the morning to catch the flood tide and miss as much of the strong winds as we could. We motored the few miles to the strait with very little wind and entered the strait in calm waters. After about 20 minutes the winds started to build to 25 knots so up came the sails and and we had a lovely down wind sail with just the genoa up.

We ducked into one of the inlets at around lunch time and sailed up to Forward harbour, a long secluded bay with plenty of room to anchor. Other boats started to come in as more strong winds have been predicted for the rest of the day and the next.

I decided to try my luck again at fishing having seen a somebody catch a good sized fish at the mouth of the harbour. Our luck was in and I caught another 10lb ling cod. Fish for supper.

Katya had spotted a potential friend on the beach so she went ashore with Jude in the Kayaks and met Riley who was with her father on their boat Riley G. Katya was pleased to learn that they both had art in common and started collecting art materials on the beach. Given we have not met that many children so far we decided to stay another day so that Katya could spend some time with Riley.

The next morning I took Luda for her walk and was joined by Katya and Riley on the Beach. Jude and I decided to try our luck again at fishing as our provisions were getting low. We were called on the radio about an hour later saying that we should come back. This is when we found out that Luda had been taken by the Mountain Lion. Roger and Sandy had heard her last cries and Steve had gone over to see if he could find her. We came back and joined in the search but to no avail. We spent a very solemn night on the boat knowing that their was no hope of recovering her and the dangers involved in trying to find her remains were too great. It was with great sadness that we left the following morning having placed a hand painted memorial plaque in the forest which Steve had made.             

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  1. Dear Kotik-Katin'ka
    Very very Happy Birthday!!!! May your days be filled with happiness, love and laughter!!! Can't wait to see your amazing creations displayed in the best museums of the world, bringing joy to all the people. We love you dearly and can't wait to see you soon. XXXXXXXXXX