Sunday, July 15, 2012

Glendale to Lagoon Cove

Well, we are back in some sort of civilization: cell phone and Internet service availability after 10 days of limited access.

We left Glendale and the Grizzlies behind and spotted a couple more bears on the shore whilst traveling to Lagoon Cove. Lagoon Cove is probably the nicest marina we have stopped of at so far, a very low key marina for about 20 boats. Welcoming staff. Evening potlucks where we were treated to local fresh caught shrimp, at an evening happy hour where each boat brings a dish and their own drinks.

We filled our water tanks which have been on reserve for a couple of days so showers were obligatory for all on board.

Steve celebrated his birthday at Lagoon Cove. Katya made face masks and Jude wrote a short song to sing at the happy hour and Steve had a to endure the humiliation, name tag included, in front of all the other crews.

The Marina has numerous trails through the forest exercise stations along the way: chop wood for the owners house, mow the lawn, with an old push mower, for which you will receive unlimited prawns but their gardens are several acres.

We have been storing our rubbish (trash) for about a week now as there is nowhere to drop it of. Some marinas will take it but charge $1.25 a lb for the privilege. LG allows us to burn trash that is non toxic but does not allow foodstufs to be burned. The reach lazarette is getting full and beginning to pong a bit.
The weather continues to be glorious. We have had only three days of rain on the whole trip and manage to get into shorts and T shirts most days.

Lagoon Cove marks the start of our return. Our next leg takes us back into Johnstone Strait and gale force winds have been predicted for the next day so we decide to stay in Lagoon Cove for another day. Not a hard decision to make.

We have been eating remarkably well on the trip with Jude, Sandy and Roger making different dishes.


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