Friday, July 29, 2016

Passage report

Passage from Maupiti, French Polynesia, to Suwarrow, Cook Islands

27th July 2016
Current Position 14.02 South, 160,48 West
Distance traveled 520 NM
Distance to go 142 NM
Current speed: 7.5knots
Current wind speed: 18knots
Direction 284t
Wind direction 121 degrees ESE
Seas 2.5 - 3mts SE
Full poled out genoa
1 reef in the prevented main
Running 170 degrees to the wind

We said our farewells and thanks to French Polynesia and departed Maupiti at 10am on the 23rd July, exiting the lagoon through the pass entrance with a 4 knot ebb current which made the on coming swell stand up and break very close either side of the entrance, it was probably the most nerve wracking pass entrance/exit we have done to date and close to the feeling felt passing through the Yaculta rapids in BC in 2012.

Once out of the lagoon we headed west north west, 285 degrees on a direct course for Suwarrow with our friends on Red Thread off our port beam. Winds were a fresh 20 knots on our stern. Fingers crossed for a fast and comfortable passage we hoped. The seas did build somewhat to nearly 3 mts and the wind stayed between 15 and 25 knots most of the time but did reach 28 knots last night. We have been checking in twice a day with the Polynesia Magellan Single sideband (SSB) net to record our position and other passage details and its good to see where our other friends are around the region. We have been lucky enough to catch three fish, one yellow-tail tuna and 2 wahoo which were both hooked at the same time so Jude has been busy filleting fish, but it is much needed as we will not be seeing a shop for the next 3 weeks at least. We are hoping to enter the pass on Suwarrow tomorrow before sunset so long as the winds hold strength and direction otherwise we will have to heave to until the following morning.

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