Thursday, June 9, 2016

Where the Fakarava are we?

Occasionally we arrive at a place with a name that makes me chuckle and our current location of Fakarava is one such place. I can safely interchange the word for a certain expletive during moments of frustration and it has been used many times on our French Polynesian passages so far. Having spent a few days in Tahanea Atoll we arrived in Fakarava yesterday afternoon after an uneventful 50nm passage with following winds although there was a 4m swell from the south that set on our beam as we came out of the lee of the islands, which gave us a nice fairground ride up and down, luckily the swell period was quite long. We entered the pass with breaking waves on our starboard side and although our Garmin charplotter was off track by a 100m or more we safely navigated the pass at slack water. We have been looking forward to Fakarava as the diving and snorkeling are supposed to be amazing. current location 16.30.96S 145.28.52W

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  1. That sounds Fakarava cool! I love these updates. I just came back from San Francisco, and went sailing for a few hours in the Bay with a captain. We cruised under the Golden Gate, and over to Sausalito. Keep the updates coming!

  2. We found you on Google Maps. Not much around. There appears to be another long haul ahead of you. Stay safe. Hugs and Kisses to all. Simon and Elana.