Thursday, April 28, 2016

Vaitahau – Tahuata Island

Lingered we did in Hamamoena Bay but just 4 days, quite respectable as I could have certainly stayed longer but it was time to move on and the promise of fresh baguettes from our next destination encouraged us to leave the beautiful bay.

The village store
It was another short passage to Vaitahau Bay where there were just three other boats in a wide and quite exposed anchorage, The wind was blowing in with 2-3foot waves which meant riding on the anchor was a bit uncomfortable but we dropped the dinghy into the water and motored over to another rough concrete dock where the swell nearly tipped the dinghy over when we were getting ashore but all was saved and it was just Katya that saved herself and ended up with just a wet bottom. The walk into the village from the dock is short and the village is very quiet but we found the very small store. Unfortunately, they had sold out of bread but they did have fresh home-made pizza and fresh croissants. We sat outside and devoured the food and went back inside to purchase a large tub of ice cream which we all HAD to eat before it became warm and sloppy. Oh what a shame.

Given the anchorage was a bit uncomfortable, and we had purchased some food, we decided to head out to the next anchorage, Hapatoni Bay.  

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