Monday, April 4, 2016

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Day 21. Position 04.00S 133.59W. We are hopefully out of the doldrums having only motored for two half days, or 24 hrs in total, which is pretty lucky I think. All the forecasts have shown for light winds of 7 knots or less for this next part of the passage but for the past three days we have seen 10-15 knots right on the beam which make for great sailing conditions to cover some ground. To help that we also have a knot of current going with us and at times we have made 9 knots, speed over ground. We are just hoping that these winds will last all the way to the Islands which are now less than 450 nautical miles away. Despite the improving sailing conditions we are still stopping overnight to get some rest so we are doing 1 hr on 1 hr off from about 7am until 2-4am then heaving-to for 3-5 hours. Since the conditions have improved Amber has been helping us on some of the watches and this now means that we can get 2 hours off which is amazing, we can sleep. The fresh food has pretty much gone but Jude had pre prepared some great meal before we left and we are consuming those before we head on to the tinned foods but we might be lucky enough to make land fall. Looking forward to smelling land and not the inside of a hot, sticky and sweaty boat which smells like the boys locker room at school.

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  1. You guys are getting soooo close! We love reading your updates. Wishing you all the perfect conditions for your final run. Stay safe!