Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hiva-Oa – Hanamenu bay

 It was time to start making our way to the northern Marquesan islands but rather than do an overnight passage, still hand steering, we would go to Hanamenu bay on the northern side of Hiva-Oa and then make an early departure for Hakatea, or Daniels Bay on Nuka-Hiva the following morning.

The wind was coming from the east so we had a nice sail on a beam reach to our destination where we were pleased to see that there we no other boats in the bay. We sat back and relaxed and watched a commotion on shore and a small group of men led a horse onto the beach, hobbled it, carefully dropped it to the floor and proceeded to tie it up. We speculated what they were doing. Were they operating on it, was it about to give birth but why do it on the beach? Then a small speed boat came into the bay and the 4 men tried, without success, to get the horse into the 15 foot boat all while a small surf drove onto the beach making it an impossible task. Thankfully for the horse they gave up the endeavor and the boat left and the horse was set free.

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