Sunday, February 21, 2016


Our aft head being is pieces
Like many things in life living on a boat is a balance of different things and there is a balance between things you enjoy doing and things you don't enjoy doing. Naturally we try and have balance more towards the things we enjoy doing but over the past few weeks the balance has swung the other way with so many boat projects to do. Some of these projects are planned but the ones that really tip the balance are the ones that are unplanned. The turbo fiasco is a monumental pain in the backside, not only will it delay us but it could end up costing a lot of money and is frustrating given it was working fine when I took it off, I thought it prudent to have it checked since it was off the engine. That will teach me to meddle with things that are OK.

We have a load of covers to make, the refrigeration and freezer to repair, repair a few strips of caulking on the deck and a host of smaller projects along with all the preparations we need for our Pacific crossing in a few months time. Just when you think you are getting on top of something else needs repairing. It's probably been over due but it had to happen- yes the aft head needed servicing. The pipes are probably solid with waste and it has started to leak. This has to be one of the worst jobs I have to do but at least I know what needs doing. In short I feel like the balance has shifted the wrong way in the last month or so but it will come back on track. Hope springs eternal.

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