Friday, January 15, 2016

Back in La Cruz

We think La Cruz is the nicest of all the Mexican marina towns we have visited as it has a great mix of a clean and well run marina, lots of things for the children to do, it's safe and has a pretty Mexican village with cobbled streets with a great selection of restaurants. The town also has most things you need to fix anything on the boat and if it does not then Puerto Vallarta is a cheap bus ride away. 

We checked in the marina and secured ourself on the dock plugging into shore power while Katya ran off to see some of her old friends. Our time here in La Cruz will,be spent preparing the boat for our trans pacific passage. We don't have too much to do but something always crops up unexpectedly. Sometimes I wonder if I am predominantly a sailor or more probably a mechanic who sails given the time I spend fixing things versus time spent sailing. 

Jude and I walked the docks to see if there were any familiar faces and familiar boats and then walked through town to see if anything had changed. A few restaurants had closed but others had opened as well but things on the whole were pretty much the same.

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  1. I can still recall and see where you were standing when you waved goodbye to us in March last year ! Cant wait to follow your travels across the Pacific. Richard is working on a mail with all the good and not so good bits ! Fair winds xx